EMS Viscometer – The Viscometer / Rheometer for Special Tasks

EMS - The Viscometer / Rheometer for Small, Sticky and Precious Samples

A rotating alumina sphere in glass tube – driven by electromagnetic interaction: The measuring principle of the EMS Viscometer is impressively simple and yet very powerful:

  • Wide measuring range 0.1 … 1,000,000 mPa∙s
  • Excellent repeatability of the measured values
  • Disposable measuring cell – no cleaning required
  • Requires only very small sample volumes (300 µl)
  • Capable of performing sophisticated rheological experiments automatically

These characteristics make the EMS Viscometer the ideal choice for a wide range of applications – including very demanding ones (samples which are sticky and therefore difficult to clean, products which tend to solidify, etc.).


EMS on Display at Rheology Meetings and Conferences

In the following rheology meetings and conferences you will have the opportunity to talk to our specialists and to experience, how easy it is to perform measurements with the EMS viscometer: