Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing

Since its founding in 1961, Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (KEM) has been concentrated on developing and manufacturing scientific instruments. The Company's current core business includes two main product lines:

Company Profile

Name of the company:
Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President and Chief Executive:
Kyoko Kishimoto
Head Office:
68 Ninodan-cho, Shinden, Kisshoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan
July 3, 1961
Paid-in: 30 million Yen (own fund: 2.66 billion Yen)
Main activities:
Development, manufacturing and distribution of scientific instruments, mainly measurement and analysis equipment for industrial, medical and environmental applications.
Industrial rights:
41 domestic patents, 5 overseas patents, 6 utility patents, 4 trade marks, 8 registered designs
Number of employees:
Approx. 300

Product Range

Density Meter

Density Meters

KEM offers a wide range of of digital density meters to determine density, specific gravity, Brix, HFCS, alcohol concentration, API gravity, sulphuric acid concentrations, etc. Our liquid density standards production facilities is a JCSS Accredited Calibration Laboratory assessed on JIS Q 17025:2000 (ISO/IEC 17025: 1999).



We are a leading center of innovation when it comes to digital refractometers: We were the first company which offered digital refractometers with built-in solid state thermostates. With our RA-600 and 620 refractometers we recently set a new benchmark in digital refractometry as these instruments visualize the Abbe image on the display - an imperative feature to ensure correct results when measuring turbid samples.


Potentiometric Titrators

With our automatic titrators we cover a big range of applications like total acidity, chloride, TAN and TBN, water hardness, etc. thanks to a big variety of different models and accessories. Our new AT-700 titration system sets new standards in terms of operator convenience: Clickless operation - just place the beaker and the system knows what it is supposed to do.

Karl Fischer Titrator

Karl Fischer Titrators

World leading, patented technology for potentiometric and coulometric moisture determinations: KEM offers a wide range of Karl Fischer titrators for every need and budget, ranging from compact low cost titrators to modular, touch screen controlled high end systems capable of performing two titrations in parallel.

Karl Fischer Titrator

Heat Flow Meters

Electric furnaces, heat insulation of construction materials, biomedical applications: Our heat flow meters can be used with a big choice of different sensors and offer easy operation, highest accuracy and reliability for the most different requirements and applications.

Karl Fischer Titrator

Heat Stroke Prevention Meters

Reliable, light-weight and accurate equipment to check easily and accurately the heat stress index to avoid heat exhaustion in industrial environments and during sport activities.

Dioxin Biosensor

Dioxin Biosensor

Immunoassay is a time and cost effective method to detect endocrine disruptors, such as dioxins (PCDDs, PCDFs and Co-PCBs). Due to the normally very low concentrations and matrix effects, however, such determinations are difficult to perform accurately. In collaboration with public bodies, universities and external partners KEM developed systems which allow quick and accurate Dioxin determinations in flue gas and fly ash.



With the Electromagnetically Spinning Viscometer KEM opens up entirely new perspectives for viscosity measurements: This new patented technology allows viscosity determinations of samples which previously were impossible to measure. The EMS viscometer can perform highly accurate viscosity measurements of minute sample volumes (300μL are sufficient!) in the temperature range from 0 to 200°C.

Inline System

Inline and Process Systems

At- and in-line analyzers increase in popularity. They prevent a loss of time and waste as no samples must be brought to the lab. That's why we offer inline systems to determine density, specific gravity, Brix, refractive index, dissolved carbon dioxide, total phosphorus and nitrogen.

Inline Gas Analyzer

Inline Gas and Flue Gas Analyzers

Determination of carbon monoxide, hydrofluoric- and hydrochloric acid, dust and other parameters in emission gases or in the atmosphere: Gas analyzers based on our expertise in titration and laser technology provide improvement of environmental quality and protection of health at many locations.